Events in Valdambra

In festivals and events in the squares and villages, you can taste products and dishes of the Tuscan tradition, rich in knowledge and authentic flavors, which are characterized by the strong link with the territory. On these occasions you can stay in contact with the real protagonists of this land, the inhabitants: mothers, fathers, grandparents, grandchildren, elderly, young people and the "housewives" of the town who all work together, conveying the passion for the place where inhabit.

- Sagra della Trota-Festa di - Primavera, Bucine, second WE (week end) of May
- Festival delle Regioni, Bucine, last WE of May
- Borgo d’estate, Badia Agnano,first WE of June
- Sagra della rana, Pietraviva, second WE of July
- Festa della ruota, Badia a Ruoti, last two WEs of July
- Sagra della lumaca, Ambra, second Sunday of September
- Festa e Fiera di San Salvatore, Bucine, third Sunday of September
- Palio della palla tonchiata, Ambra, second WE of September